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Through the eyes of a child we can see a new world.

RUDOLPH  – Did you know the first Mermen were from outer space?  In Africa, the the desert.

ANGELA – What were they doing in the desert?

RUDOLPH – What were we doing on the moon?


Rudolph dreams of being the first Merman in an underwater show at a Florida roadside attraction. His father, a severely disabled former college professor, dreams of re-writing his one book. They live in a RV park on the edge of a canal in Cape Canaveral, not far from NASA. The sky is pierced with rockets; the sea is filled with the unknown. Together father and son totter in between, desperate to discover a reality they can share and the answer to the question – What happened the night Rudolph’s mother died?

Character breakdown: 3 women, 3 men

Production History

MERMEN was developed in the Playwrights/Directors Workshop of the Actors Studio. It received a developmental reading in the spring of 2008 sponsored by the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre and in the fall of 2009 a staged workshop sponsored by the Actors Studio. In December, 2015 Spooky Action Theatre read MERMEN as a part of their New Play Reading Series. It was directed by Lynn Sharp Spears.

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