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“What are the three things in life we all need to be happy?”

             “Is it possible to become allergic to your anti-depressants?”


A mid-life Maggie, Cheryl and Lou, find themselves alone. They each embark on a search for that perfect soul mate via the internet – Lou through gay on-line bulletin boards; Maggie and Cheryl through internet dating services. We meet their dates, share their dreams and eventually, share their delusions. In a world where looking for that special someone has all the grace of flipping through a Sears & Roebuck catalogue – is true love still possible?

Cast breakdown: 2 women, 4 men

Production History was developed in the Actors Studio Playwrights/Directors Workshop and the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre. It received three staged readings sponsored by 29th Street Rep. and the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre.

Read scenes from the play – Scene 1       – Scene 2

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