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“We tear each other to bits every day and we are not, I repeat not at all unhappy about that fact! ”


Roar Lions! Roar!! chronicles one semester in the lives of a graduate teaching assistant, Teacher, who is getting her Masters in Theatre and a freshman who is able to attend school because he is on a football scholarship. Their paths intersect when Wilcox, the freshman football player, is enrolled in Teacher’s voice and speech class. As the play progresses we see that although their lives are completely different on the surface, they face the same moral dilemmas and are forced to make decisions that effect their very survival.

Set against a background of football frenzy and a University Theatre production of The Baccchae, we see that the pursuit of the American dream has its price.

Character breakdown: 4 women, 10 men

Production History

ROAR LIONS! ROAR!! was a finalist 2002 Mill Mountain Theatre New Play competition and received a workshop production (5 performances) in 2003 sponsored by Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre.

Read scenes from the play

First Quarter – Scene            Second Quarter – Scene

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