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An American Comedy of Investment Errors

“If we don’t fire a few more people we’re going to end up selling organs in order to meet our bonus requirements. And whose kidney do you think it’s going to be? Yours or mine?”


In the spirit of the New York Times best sellers Too Big to Fail and The Big Short, docu-play THE CHAOS TRADE offers the first full-length American theatrical response to the financial meltdown. Written by a former employee of a famously failed investment bank, the show traces the bank’s final days through the eyes of traders on the floor.

This fast-paced and surprisingly comic play hurtles the audience through the dissolution of a once-venerable banking institution. Staged “on location,” the play opens on the trading floor as the crisis begins to unfold. News coverage of the crash unfolding bombards the bank’s employees and the audience as characters share the real lives behind the high-stakes game of trading. With livelihoods on the line and billions of dollars at risk, the drama is tense and the gallows humor, a high voltage entertainment experience.

But was the institution the corporation or its people? Who or what was really behind the bank’s meltdown? And who or what will survive?

Character breakdown: 3 women, 8 men

Read Chaos Trade Scenes

Scene 6, Human Resources Scene 8, Trading Floor

The Chaos Trade @ Occupy Wall Street

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