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Love in the land of goobers, golfers and gators.

ANN – I don’t have to feel guilty about being bored with my life, do I?”

BRENDA – “No. Of course not. It’s your life.”


LINKS is a triptych. This three-act play is set in and around the seemingly serene Oakland Georgia Golf and Country Club. The first two acts, “Poolside” and “Tee for Two” occur simultaneously but are played separately. The women are at the golf club’s pool battling the anxiety of modern life with a good dose of American optimism and new house plans while their husbands, on the ninth hole of the course, give us their perspectives on marriage, alligators and cheating. Act III, “Over Meat”, takes place the evening of the same day. Both couples are at home having dinner. “Over Meat” is structured in such a way that we see both couples at home at the same time. The two scenes progress simultaneously, form a counterpoint and, hopefully, a third reality.

“Poolside” and “Tee for Two” can be performed as stand alone one-acts.

Character breakdown: 2 men, 2 women

Production History

Over a decade in the making the first act of LINKS, “Poolside”, was produced as part of Manhattan Class Company’s 1989 summer workshop series. This one-act was subsequently produced by the West Bank Theatre Café in 1991. In October 2000 “Poolside” and “Tee for Two”, act two of the work, were produced by Mercer University Theatre. “Poolside” was produced as a fully staged reading as a part of Mill Mountain Theatre’s Lunchtime reading series in February 2003. The entire work was given a full staged reading by Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre in 2006.

Read scenes from the play

Poolside – Scene          Over Meat – Scene