Coffee County Memory Project – The Integration Years (1966-1972)

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“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” William Faulkner

First results:  In the below audio clips, interviewees discuss the same subject from different vantage points.

Two Teachers
As the federal laws mandating total integration were implemented, teachers faced new challenges, personal and professional. 2 minutes

The End of Jim Crow
The laws changed, but habits were hard to break. 3 minutes

First Day of School
In September, 1965 the Coffee County School System maintained separate schools for black and white students. But, for the first time, students could choose which school they wanted to attend. A small number of African American students chose to attend the “white” schools. In this recording, we hear how students of both races experienced the change. 9 minutes.

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HOW TO BE AN AMERICAN! – A Political Cabaret

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The York Theatre Company

The York Theatre Company welcomed the return of its New2NY Series with the New York Premiere of the new musical HOW TO BE AN AMERICAN!, based on Plunkitt of Tammany Hall — A Series of Very Plain Talks on Very Practical Politics, adapted by T. Cat Ford and directed by Bill Castellino (Cagney).

The year is 1905. One week before the next election. New York City. Tammany Hall politician George Washington Plunkitt has gathered a group of new immigrants for the purpose of educating them on the subtleties of the American political system.  Join the party and experience a real-life lesson on honest graft, dishonest graft and the American way that’s as relevant now as it was over 100 years ago!

Creative Team Sept. 2016

Creative team:  Bill Castellino, Director; T. Cat Ford, Playwright; Ryan Touhey, Music Director; James Morgan, Artistic Director


Opening Night at The York!

Opening Night



In Creede Colorado at the 2016 National Winter Playwright’s Retreat – Had a great reading of HOW TO BE AN AMERICAN, A Political Cabaret based on Plunkitt of Tammany Hall and songs from the early 20th Century American Songbook with Manuel Zarate, Tim Jerome, Ann Pittman, Logan Ernsthall and Christian Pederson. Many thanks to The Human Stage, HBMG Foundation and Creede Repertory Theatre for sponsoring this wonderful retreat.

On May 26th there was a reading of HOW TO BE AN AMERICAN at The Players Club.

Director:  Bill Castellino  Musical Director:  Satomi Hofmann Dramaturge:  Cate Cammarata

Actors:  Tim Jerome, Dan Manjovi, Gannon McHale and Frank J. Paul

The Chaos Trade @ Occupy Wall Street

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A rehearsal adventure with Gideon Banner, Wynn Harmon, Mark Ethan Toporek, wall street workers and occupiers!

“The Big Kahuna” New Producer Endowment

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Theatre Resources Unlimited presented Ms. Ford with “The Big Kahuna” New Producer Endowment in recognition of her business plan for A SIMPLE GIFT.  She is pictured here with Michael Alden, program director for TRU Producer Development & Mentorship Program and Bob Ost, TRU’s founder and president.


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Sending out thanks to the wonderful actors who participated in the reading of THE CHAOS TRADE.  Gideon Banner, Michael Billingsley, Michael Cullen, Brian DeCaluwe, Anna O’Donoghue, Mark Ethan, John FitzGibbon, Fernando Gamarra, Kelly McAndrew, Joel Rooks, Barbara Suter, Nicholas Urda and Sandy York.  Also special thanks to Susanne Boulle for her wonderful direction!


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Barter Theatre Patron Response

“Outstanding!  This was by far one of the most moving plays my wife and I have attended at the Barter.  The depth, quality and performance will certainly last as a memorable one.  It was uncannily funny, intensely dramatic, inspirationally real and emotionally challenging.  When attending a performance that has you reflecting on the message and delivery well beyond the theatre then you’ve hit a home run, and in the experience we shared in the performance of “Power in the Blood” you undoubtedly hit a Grand Slam.  Thanks to all for a brilliant performance.”

Welcome to my website

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Hi, I am working on my new website.  More to come soon!